Photograph of MDI's SAL (left) and HT-CNL (right) instruments. Inset shows a levitated glass sample.



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MDI can provide specialized basic research instruments for work on glass and liquid materials under extreme conditions. MDI’s results-oriented design approach has led to the High Temperature Conical Nozzle Levitator (HT-CNL™) and the Single-Axis Acoustic Levitator (SAL™). Together these instruments can be used for containerless experiments on materials over a very wide temperature range. Ease of use enables a researcher to focus attention on research problems rather than on “tweaking” the instrument to achieve results.

The HT-CNL™ integrates advanced features that provide stable levitation of materials in a compact user-friendly package. Many features of the instrument are controlled by an embedded microprocessor and ergonomically placed controls.

The SAL™ uses advanced acoustic positioning technology to achieve stable levitation of liquids and solids at low temperatures. The lab-based instrument uses robust electronics and a computer control interface to enable experiments on a wide variety of liquids.