MDI is dedicated to providing specialized instruments for scientific research on materials under extreme conditions. MDI’s results-oriented design approach has led to the High Temperature Conical Nozzle Levitator (HT-CNL™) and the Single-Axis Acoustic Levitator (SAL™). Together these instruments can be used for containerless experiments on materials over much of the temperature range from -40 to 3500°C. Ease of use enables a researcher to focus attention on research problems rather than on “tweaking” the instrument to achieve results.

The HT-CNL™ integrates advanced features that provide stable levitation of materials in a compact user-friendly package. Many features of the instrument are controlled by an embedded microprocessor and ergonomically placed controls. Samples are heated using a 400 watt carbon dioxide laser. Details are given in the brochure.

The SAL™ uses advanced acoustic positioning technology to achieve stable levitation of liquids and solids at low temperatures. The system derives from the pioneering technology that was used for experiments on the Space Shuttle. The lab-based instrument uses robust electronics and a computer control interface to enable experiments on a wide variety of liquids and biomaterials. Details are given in the brochure. See also the article in the Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 80, Page 083904 (2009).

Photograph of MDI's SAL (left) and HT-CNL (right) instruments. Inset shows a levitated hot sample.


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