MDI provides services, technical support, and project development and management support in the following areas:

• Extreme environment materials processing and handling instrumentation.

• Developing/integrating advanced beamline research equipment, including project management and coordination services.

• Design and development of specialty glass and ceramic products.

MDI capabilities include laser beam and containerless melting; controlled atmosphere furnace melting; sample synthesis; and custom instrumentation design and development. MDI staff collaborate with research groups at several National Laboratories and universities. We can rapidly assemble a project team with specialists who can solve complex engineering problems and coordinate large international projects that require deadline-driven milestones, progress reporting and interfacing with a variety of personnel.

Please see the links below for general information on some sample environment instrumentation, equipment and materials. Please use the form below to contact us with questions about our capabilities and services.

What We Do

Laser beam heated molten sample levitated in a modified Conical Nozzle Levitator at Argonne National Lab's Advanced Photon Source. This equipment is being used to help understand the nature of liquids and glasses. ©MDI 2007

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